Apple Inc. releases a new version of Apple iOS almost every year at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Particularly, the new iOS 11 was launched and unveiled at the conference held in June 2017. This new version features a lot of upgrades that were either primitive or totally absent in the iOS 10. Discussed in these articles are 10 basic features of the new iOS 11.

1. ARKit

ARKit is a new augmented reality (AR) that enables developers to build apps with concrete and responsive AR features for devices that support iOS 11 and above. Wondering what ARKit does? It blends digital objects and contents with the immediate environment.

2. Automatic Setup

If you just purchase a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then you can set it up, synchronize your personal settings, iCloud Keychain passwords, and preferences by just holding it near another iOS device. This feature is called Automatic Setup.

3. Document Scanning In Notes

Apple added yet another exciting feature to their Notes App. The Document Scanner feature automatically detects when the photo of a document is taken. This scanner can also extract photos from a document and removes tilts and glares. Once you finish editing the document, you can export and save as a PDF or document file.

4. Do Not Disturb While Driving

This feature is useful whenever you don’t want to be disturbed by the notifications from your phone. The new version of iOS automatically detects when you are driving and prevent you from being disturbed with notifications from calls, chats, or SMS. People who try to reach you during this period will be notified that you are busy during this period.

5. Indoor Maps / Lane Guidance

Another interesting feature about this new iOS version is indoor Maps and Lane Guidance. Indoor Maps allow you to view the indoor maps of many restaurants, malls, and airports. Likewise, the lane guidance prevents you from missing an exit/entry by showing you the expected lane upon which you should be while driving.

6. Live Photo Editing Options

Although Live photo editing feature was introduced back in September 2015, the new iOS 11 comes with even improved features and options. The new feature allows you to trim video loops and adjust the loop sounds.

7. Lock Screen Notifications In One Place

There is another great improvement on the user interface of a locked screen in iOS 11. All you need is to pull down the notification bar from the top of the lock screen. This feature still works similar to the swipe format in iOS 10.

8. Real-Time Translations

The artificial intelligence (AI) section also experienced a massive upgrade in terms of the Siri translations. You can ask Siri in English to translate into real-time French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian or German. In short, the Siri translation feature is now in a beta mode.

9. Send And Receive Payments Through Messages

You can now add Apple Messenger to the list of apps out there you can use to receive and send payments. This feature is powered by Apple Pay and allows you to send money instantly via your debit/credit card.

10. Updated App Store App

Last but not the least is the new improvements to the App store layout. This improved feature makes it easy for you to locate and discover new, interesting applications in the App store. The applications are now arranged in sections depending on seasons and events.

Bottom line

Which of these new Apple iOS 11 features interests you? Which feature are you looking forward to in subsequent versions? Leave a comment below!