Extending the life of your Mod-Case

Our primary aim is to provide our customers with a product that not only does its job well, but can keep doing it for as long as possible. While quality control is a top priority; product care can go a long way to improve the life of your Mod-Case.

With these 3 simple steps, you can ensure that your Mod-Case delivers stylish protection for as long as possible!

Keep it dry!

The thing about wood, including bamboo, is that it is absorptive – this is in fact the mainstay of why we have cases designed with wooden backs – because they can absorb shock due to abilities to expand and contract. However, this capacity for absorption includes moisture and repeated wetting/drying of your Mod-Case simultaneously results in repeated expansion and contraction of the wood that can lead to premature cracking – so keep it dry!

Keep it moist!

I’m not talking any old form of moisture, were talking about mineral oil. This oil is used to revitalize furniture, guitar fret boards and even wooden chopping boards. Not only does mineral oil revitalize the wood on your Mod-Case and make it look even more amazing that it already does, it protects the wood itself, preserves the purity of the wood and extends the life!
For bamboo – there are specific ‘bamboo’ oils, but there is no evidence that this works any better than mineral oil. There are also alternatives such as lemon oil, which works just as well however, your phone will end up smelling like citrus.

We recommend re-applying a thin coat of mineral oil, or your oil of choice, anywhere between once a fortnight to once a month.

Keep it together!

Your Mod-Case is literally the best of both worlds, with grip from the rubberised polycarbonate on the sides, and a slick surface from the wood on the back making it easy to get in and out of your pocket, yet still keep a firm grip on it in your hands.  If you are unlucky enough to drop your phone in its Mod-Case, your precious phone will be kept in tip-top condition but the wood in your case may suffer a crack.
It is important to look for cracks in your Mod-Case if you accidentally drop it, as fixing these little cracks can prevent them from growing and breaking your whole case. It’s a 5-minute job – just some simple wood glue or any clear epoxy, only a couple of dollars from the hardware store.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips from Mod-Case.