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The MOD-CASE Folio: Why is it the best?

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Flip style cases for the iPhone are nothing new, with a phone that does pretty much everything except protect itself a flip case is a smart idea. In saying that, there are also many flip cases on the market, some even available in bamboo or other wood like our soon-to-be-released case.

Thus a question can be posed: What makes the MOD-CASE flip case for the iPhone better? In fact...what makes it the best? Lets start from as primitive as possible to answer this question and keep it simple


1 - The materials.
Better wood: There are other wood based flip cases on the market, but it is a common practice to simply accept the wood your manufacturer quotes you on. MOD-CASE discussed in great length with out manufacturer that we want the best wood. This incurs an extra cost to obtain the higher quality wood from the supplier, as well as extra manufacturing costs due its more raw state AND a larger initial cost due to having to order a minimum quantity...but MOD-CASE strives for excellence, and perfection - to establish a culture of honour with our business partners and our customers.

Genuine leather: No one, and I literally mean no one, will offer a company genuine leather straight up. They look for business by offering a compromise between quality and the cheapest price...we have personally requested genuine leather be used in the production of every single flip case. This mean the binding on your case will smell real, look better, feel softer and most importantly...last longer, because without the binding your case is just 2 planks of wood.

2  - The design.
Our flip cases have a magnetic closing mechanism. I put that in bold and italics for a reason - because it really matters! So many 'flip-cases' out there need to be re-branded as flop-cases because they just flop open and closed as they please...otherwise they are held shut by a button mechanism that is bigger than home button on an iPhone and steals from the design.
Our camera hole is sufficient in size to not only accommodate the dual flash boasted by the new iPhone 5S.
There are few things an iPhone can't of those things is protect itself, and another is hold your money. That is why we have designed our flip case to compliment the functionality and looks of your iPhone, incorporating real solid wood to protect both the front and back of your phone, as well as designing a perfectly sized pocket inside your case to hold cards and cash.
Last but not least, it is a pure minimalistic looking case that expresses style, form and function. Our logo placement is subtle yet beautifully present. We truly do aim to compliment the aesthetics of the elegance that is Apple.


The wood for our flip cases is precision CNC machined first, then hand sanded, laser engraved and finally finished in a sealant that ensures looks and longevity are susained throughout the life of your case.
The real leather is hand selected and precision cut to exact dimensions.
The convenience pocket that was uniquely designed by us here at MOD-CASE is stitched super tightly to the felt lining (rather than simply gluing it down like other might) to preserve a premium appearance to your case as well as eliminate almost all risk of ripping the pocket off.


I could probably go on even further, but chances are most people wouldn't read it all - and that would decrease the value of this post which aims to empower you, the customer with factual information to help your decision on whether a MOD-CASE is right for you. Hopefully, you can truly see in the above writings that we strive to deliver above and beyond what is typically expected of a phone case, because MOD-CASE is more than just that...we are a brand build on honour and relationship and we invite you to be part of that with us.
Stay tuned for pre-order information, potential give aways and release date info for our flip cases and other new cases in the future.


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