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MOD-CASE and the iPhone 5S

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Apple redesigned the iphone from top to bottom, inside out and down to the small yet functional details with the release of the iPhone 5S. Of particular interest to us at MOD-CASE of course, are the external features and changes - thankfully though Apple kept the exact same form factor and dimensions as the previous iPhone 5. There are some slight changes to the iPhone 5S that need to be considered when looking at buying a case, all revolving around the camera as this is the only feature of the iPhone that will interact with any MOD-CASE.

The lens: The lens in the new iPhone 5S boasts an aperture of f/2.2, compared to the slightly slower f/2.4 seen in the previous iPhone 5. This essentially results in an increased ability to permit light the pass through the lens onto the camera sensor. With reference to using a case, this can mean that the chance of 'white-out' with a case would be increased as free light so proximal to the lens itself will be picked up more than previously seen. However, next we will explore the changes to the flash in the iPhone 5S that counter these effects.


The Flash(es): This is a major change in the iPhone, we now have dual flashes - not to make the flash brighter but to allow for a more natural representation of the scene when capturing an image using flash (an issue that has plagued camera phones since a flash was first incorporated). The design change however is our target point of interest that will be relevant for your MOD-CASE - the flash is now recessed into the body of the iPhone 5S resulting in less free light escaping perpendicular to the flash itself. Subsequently, this reduces the risk of 'white-out' effect of the flash onto the camera lens - but cannot completely eliminate it when using a case. 
This is why our new flip cases are having their design modified to facilitate a larger camera cutout before release, a feature that will benefit iPhone 5 and 5S users alike. We are currently doing maths, design rendering and manufacturer trials to produce a camera/flash hole that is large enough to allow functionality but not result in a gaping hole that will steal away from the absolute minimalistic design of our flip cases.


So to summarise, all MOD-CASE products that are and will be available for the iPhone 5 are compatible with the iPhone 5S, and our designs are improving to allow better functionality across the board.

Stay tuned for further updates on pre-order opportunities, availability and images of our refined design (including the modified camera hole AND inclusion of a card/cash slip) soon!


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