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Who would of guessed

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In the space of a two week period, MOD-CASE experienced the following influx of progressions: 

- We sold out of every single case we had in stock

- We received our new order of stock, months overdue 

- We released our new Galaxy S4 cases 

- We had multiple reviews of our composite cases published on various websites, blogs and YouTube channels

- We had an interview and podcast published online and in ITunes with the Antiwantrepeneur website 

- We held a 48hr weekend frenzy sale 

- We had an item feature in the Renegade Collective, a magazine masterpiece available all over the world 

- We received our MOD-CASE branded microfibre cloths AND our new care instruction cards to go out with every new order 

- We received our new business cards 

All of the above accumulated into a rapid rise in sales that we didn't originally foresee and again we are selling out of different styles of cases, with ALL our S4 cases already gone! Don't fear though, we are already in the works at receiving the next lot of cases that will demonstrate refinement based on feedback and manufacturing alterations to ensure the most premium result. In essence, you will see MOD-CASE 2.0

To top it all off, we have received prototypes of some new ideas in the works and are expecting the first samples of a totally new wood concept incorporating the first of our artist series of cases to arrive in the next few days! 

Keep your eyes peeled, and sign up to our email newsletter to get photographic insights into what's about to land before anyone else! 


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