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Manufacturer Blues

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"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success"

Let us just say, that the past 3 months have involved more patience than one can normally fathom to entertain, more persistence than an Artic Tern pushing through a return trip from the Arctic to the Antarctic...and as for perspiration - well just ask MOD-CASE co-founder Giacomo what it's like to walk a flat-tyred bike home from the post office after doing an eco-friendly MOD-CASE order shipment.

The last 3 months involved delaying our announced Galaxy S4 wood & polycarbonate composite cases (not only for purchase, but for the loyal customers who pre-ordered them up to 2 months ago), selling out of every piece of stock we had except for THREE cases and repetitively repeating repetition to our manufacturer to ensure the level of quality in  the construct of our cases was maintained and our environmentally sustainable approach to manufacturing through the Arbor Day Foundation was well and truly still in place.
The whole process involved probably 100+ hours on Skype and on the phone, countless photos and graphics files being exchanged and a trusty flat-head screwdriver to destroy a few cases in order to test their construct quality

Margaret Thatcher states it quite nicely "I'm extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way"
Which is why we at MOD-CASE feel that we achieved extraordinary patience...we have all new stock and then some, with replenished stock levels of all our wood and wood + polycarbonate cases previously available online, as well as at least 5 new wood/polycarbonate combinations including white polycarbonate and at last our highly popular bamboo + black polycarbonate cases for the Galaxy S4.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for the opportunity to order any of the new styles, including 2 limited edition case styles based on feedback from a select number of customers - Product shots for all our new cases are happening as I write this! - and still enjoy FREE international shipping on all orders.
PLUS - sign up to our email list at the bottom of this page to be the first to see photos of totally new designs including our D-COY vs MOD-CASE artist series concept case and potential all-wood case designs that will blow your mind, including those for the Galaxy S4!

I'll leave you all with my own little quote, that I feel reflects the past 3 months of juggling unpaid MOD-CASE work, full time Med School studies, work, church commitments, family commitments and sleep (plus seeing friends if I chose to not sleep some nights)

Passion is worthless without patience.
Patience under pressure births endurance, endurance applicable to all facets of life.

Combine these three elements and you are sure to experience success, but even more valuable than this...growth


Love and patience

Our brand new Bamboo & white polycarbonate composite case rests next to the limited edition contrast case combining Rosewood with white polycarbonate. Both seen here for the iPhone 5

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