Mod-Case is simple, smooth, and sustainable
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Taking a step forward doesn’t always seem logical.

Taking a step forward doesn't always seem logical. 
Taking a leap of faith never seems logical. 
Taking a step back can masquerade as seemingly logical but will never take you any closer to success.

It is safe to say that 3 full time students with more commitments in a day than most should ‘logically’ be taking a step back from adding to an already overflowing cart rather than traversing the unsteady ground of developing a business…thankfully, we aren't logical.

MOD-CASE isn't, and never has been about being logical in a business sense…we are about innovation, progress and growth. We have more ideas in concept stages now than we did when we launched, ordering more samples now than before we launched and expanding into greater depths of these uncharted waters. This would make many people nervous. Instead, it pushes us to grow. To put it in perspective: MOD-CASE is currently in phase 1 and at the time of writing this, we have developed concepts, contacted suppliers or drawn up prototypes for at least 8 phases of progression.

No, it isn't always easy…in fact it’s never easy attempting to juggle 12 eggs in one hand – but there is one thing alone that keeps this dream alive and sustains us to push through:


Passion to learn. Passion to grow.    Passion to progress.
Passion for life.   Passion for faith.    Passion to succeed.
Passion to love.  Passion to honour. Passion to connect.

MOD-CASE is an avenue that allows us to achieve all of the above. Starting and managing a business is an intricate, detailed and overwhelming process – but it is this vast maze that forces us to simply step forward, be it logical or not, and reap the fruits that we desire…to strive for our passions. 

At the same time, through faith, love, honour and connecting, we are able to plant seeds along the way so that the next passionate souls to throw themselves into the maze not only have a path to follow, but have even more fruit of which that can reap.
If only 1 person is to see the seeds we’ve sown, that’s a legacy we could never have achieved if we hadn't taken that first, illogical step and created MOD-CASE.



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