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Do you know The Renegade Collective?

Without even knowing what it is, with a name like Renegade Collective I want it…if it’s even a thing you can have. Thankfully, we do know what Renegade Collective is, and we know it is amazing!

Entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, designers, philanthropists, scientists, athletes, actors, bloggers and musicians: welcome to The Collective

The Renegade Collective is a publishing masterpiece, a magazine spreading around the global in an almost viral way! (Just check out their international list of stockists achieved in only a few months!) The magazine features articles to inspire, excite and simply broaden every aspect of the way you think! Issue 3 is currently available with the globally recognized Layne Beachley and her husband Kirk Pengilly on the cover.

It really doesn’t matter who you are or what your about, this magazine features articles crafted with superb writing skills and content that will literally shift your world!

I think The Renegade Collective sum up what they are all about with this captivating line:

Game Changers | Thought Leaders | Rule Breakers | Style Makers 


So why are we telling you?
We at MOD-CASE have been blessed to be introduced to Editor-In-Chief of the Renegade Collective, Lisa Messenger through a personal friend, which led to the opportunity to discuss having our product feature in the pages of Issue 4. Whether it be one word or one page, this is new ground for MOD-CASE and a door opening that can only lead to great things!
Get excited to see MOD-CASE feature in Issue 4 of the Renegade Collective that will be available on September 9!
Head over to to see what the fuss is all about, view the stockist list and even explore digital subscriptions straight to your compatible devices!

Stoked as ever


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