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Secrets of what’s to come

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Secrets of what's to come: Your chance to learn about new designs before anyone else

It is beyond clear that everyone loves the MOD-CASE composite cases, with international orders going out, literally only a handful of bamboo and black iPhone 5 composite cases left and officially selling out of ALL our rosewood and black polycarbonate iPhone 5 cases! (A goal were are stoked to achieve so quickly!)
But, the thing is…MOD-CASE is about progression – we want to perfect perfection and make our cases look even more stylish, refine every aspect of them and retain the phenomenal looks that MOD-CASE has already achieved.

How can we do that?
Let me introduce you to the MOD-CASE artist series v2.0 

We are proud to say that we have collaborated with Central Coast freelance artist and tattoo artist D-COY to produce some artwork designs that will blow your minds! If you don’t know D-COY’s work then do your eyes a favor and check out this video of a LIVE art battle at The Glass Onion Society featuring Dan and some out of this world art:
And to get a feel for all things D-COY and see more of his amazing work head over to his Instagram:

As to what the art will exactly look like…well that’s a secret we aren’t going to let out of the bag just yet, but trust us when we say it is an epic piece of art that looks amazing engraved into the wood on our composite phone cases! Pre-orders will be happening soon, first we have to tackle getting our Galaxy S4 composite case pre-orders and re-stock on our existing cases ASAP!
So why exactly is there a 2.0 at the end?
If that doesn’t leave you wanting more I don’t know what will…but just in case, we have scrutinized the finer details of our cases beyond belief, down to things like character spacing, font and font size as well as logo dimensions, direction and placement to bring to you MOD-CASE v2.0
The major details of our composite cases remain the same….but let’s just say if your after something a little different, the artist range of cases should float your boat.

And for all our Galaxy S3 users out there…you will want to stay tuned to see the epic concept designs coming your way from MOD-CASE that is guaranteed to rock your socks off!
If your interested in keeping up to date with when these cases will be available and to have exclusive access to see the artwork we will be using, sign up to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page!


Thanks as always guys


Instagram: modcase

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