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Which wood is THE right wood for you?

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Here at MOD-CASE, we are eager to expand the range of real wood we use in the construction of our cases and always excited to hear what you have to say! Which wood or combination is your favourite? Do you love the pop and contrast of the bamboo/black combination or do you prefer the almost pure-nature appeal that the rosewood/black combination brings, along with wood so real so can literally smell it! We can vouch for the allure this smell has, it's almost intoxicating, and remember to read the blog post on caring for your cases for tips on maintaining the wood in pristine condition - including that true rosewood smell!

Currently we have:
Rosewood/black for the iPhone 4/4S 
Rosewood/black and Bamboo/Black for the iPhone 5 
Maple and Sapele cases for the Galaxy S3

As of today, after discussions with our production manager, we can confirm that the following will be with us at MOD-CASE within the next 2 weeks
- Bamboo/white Composite cases for the iPhone 4/4S
- Bamboo/white Composite cases for the iPhone 5
- Bamboo/black Composite cases for the Galaxy S4
- Bamboo/white Composite cases for the Galaxy S4

Are you excited to see the new range of MOD-CASE Composite dropping in our online store soon? We definitely are! And just to top things off even further, we are looking into a variety of rich and truly dark woods to combine with black polycarbonate for a purely stealth look; and also to combine with white polycarbonate to provide the epitome of contrast! One such wood on the cards is Wenge wood, famous for it's almost black appearance yet retaining all the desirable natural features of real wood! Heres an example of the intense colour that Wenge wood brings to the spectrum:

Keep up to date with the MOD-CASE blog for some more exciting news in the coming weeks, including information on getting your hands on some sweet vinyl stickers to help spread the MOD-CASE word as well as information on a new range of cases that will be totally unique to MOD-CASE and unavailable anywhere else! In the mean time, share our Facebook page, check out our Instagram feed and if you have received your case already, send us a photo of your MOD-CASE in action so it can be included in a collage we will post on our social media avenues as well as our website!


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