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The best is always yet to come - expanding our range of cases

We have received inbox messages from multiple people all over the world enquiring about case availability for various top-end smart phones that aren't currently featured on Do not fear, smart phone users of the world - our plans for expansion have been in the works since before we even launched the online store!
We already have a decent shipment of our composite cases for the Galaxy S4 on it's way (we just spoke to our manufacturer who was performing final detail and quality checks on our newest cases before they are to be shipped to us), which we know people are as excited to see land in our store as we are! These cases will reflect similar colour combinations as those seen in our other cases, but theres always something new - and time will reveal!
On top of this, we have new colour combinations for our existing range of cases also in the final stages of production and attention to detail. All our cases are inspected to ensure every detail is accurate and exact - which is a must on a product that is refined by hand and something we are extremely proud of. 

Then of course there is the plethora of other smart phones including the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z, Nexus 4 etc. We are always looking to expand and progress with our range and our individual cases so definitely keep keen and watch this space for news on our range expansion that will definitely be happening in the near future!

We're always open to ideas and input from you so feel free to contact us at

Thanks guys

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