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Are we environmentally friendly?

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Being a product focused around wood, it's a fair question for anyone environmentally conscious:

Are your cases manufactured in an environmentally sustainable fashion? 

Something that we at MOD-CASE are very proud of if the fact we can answer with YES!

Currently, we use a single manufacturer for all our cases - so the wood used all comes in through them. The simplest way to break this down is to consider Bamboo separate to all the other species of wood we use.

The bamboo used in all of our cases comes from plantations planted and grown with the sole purpose of being used in product manufacturing, from things such as phone cases through to furniture - called Moso Bamboo. The best thing about this bamboo is that is grows at such a rapid rate - growing 100cm in 24 hours! This ensures that even though the bamboo harvested does not impact the naturally occurring bamboo trees, it is harvested and regrown at an extremely rapid rate. 
The other brilliant feature of our bamboo is that is it grown to 'consumer grade' - that is...think of it kind of like natural selection. The trees that produce the best quality (generally the densest) bamboo are used to regrow new bamboo so ensure the quality of the bamboo only gets better!

Other wood species
The nature of all other wood species can essentially be summed up as: Slower growing and bound to have some impact on the environment...whether we like it or not, something is going to make a tree that is years old it's home eventually!
The manufacturer we selected....after trialling many others before we decided on this one, was chosen not just because of their high level of quality, not just because of their almost unique machinery allowing laser engraving on both wood and polycarbonate but also because of their involvement in maintaining an environmentally sustainable and viable product!
The wood used in the production of our cases is replaced with literally 10 fold the amount used! This is not through just replanting of trees in the same place they are cut down (as these areas are often used and re-used for wood harvesting and thus animals migrate), but through replantation of trees in areas that are effected by natural disasters such as bush fires!

Here is a direct quote from our manufacturer:

For every one tree that we use in the production of these wood cases, we will replant 10 trees where they’re needed the most –to help rebuild national forest areas destroyed by fire and the nature disasters, through our on –going partnership with Arbor Day Foundation.

The Arbor Day Foundation allows people to donate money allowing them to replant trees in areas of need - $1 buys 1 tree.
This environmentally sustainable approach to production is something that we at MOD-CASE, and our manufacturer, are equally proud of!

We hope you have enjoyed this read and have a better insight to the true degree of detail that we at MOD-CASE put into every step towards providing you with the best quality products without impacting the environment.

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