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1,2,3,4,5....6 is almost here

Here is the short of it all: We have perfected our iPhone 6 cases. We are proud, in fact we are blown away at how good they look on! Individual hand finishing and quality checking is under way and cases will be online and available for order, and shipping within the next week. Read below for more!

Since MOD-CASE was born, a precious little gem of a start-up, Apple have been leading the game that is the smart phone market. Haters will claim they are behind their time, playing catch-up with many of the Android based devices...despite this, the peoples they love the iPhone. Why?
It has always embodied pure elegance.
You might look at an iPhone 3G or even an iPhone 4 now and think 'That really doesn't look too impressive", but in it's prime, it definitely did. iPhone have always had just the right amount of features, housed in a design that brings the entire world to attention.
Saying the iPhone 6 follows suit is an understatement! Apple have delivered on many of the features iPhone users have been envious of in their Android rivals, including a larger display...all in yet another groundbreaking design from Apple.

We are MOD-CASE are leaders, as individuals and as a business. We strive to step ahead where competitors have not yet done so; whether this be in design, details, customer service or something else. Our Lennox case is the backbone of what we are all about - real wood, precision design and jaw dropping looks PLUS the protection offered by wood and polycarbonate.
Our iPhone 6 Lennox cases are our best yet, incorporating the curves of the iPhone 6 and maintaining that so desired slimline profile. You will genuinely be surprised at how thin the iPhone 6 is when in one of our Lennox cases - I definitely was!

We are in the final, final, final stages of production right now...hand finishing of cases is happening, quality control and proof checking is already underway concurrently and we are looking to start taking orders and shipping cases within the week. The product shoot is booked in - it's just a matter of time now!Check out some sneak peek photos yet to be released elsewhere, below.

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