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Longer Days and Larger Phones

iPhone 6

All the information you need to made an informed decision about buying a MOD-CASE for the iPhone 6. Adding style plus protection from daily use as well as design flaws with the iPhone 6

Kelly from the piezloves fashion blog during a summertime photoshoot for MOD-CASE

If you are lucky enough to live in Australia, in fact in a select few states within the country, then not only have you just wrapped up a brilliantly warm and sunny long weekend, but you can now enjoy those days for a bit longer.
Daylight savings has kicked in and the sun doesn't set until after 7pm, meaning that run you want to go for after work or that surf you want to enjoy before dinner is a real possibility!
And for MOD-CASE, it means the opportunity for sunset photoshoots just got real.

MOD-CASE will most definitely be doing more photoshoots in the near future, with the production of our Lennox cases for the iPhone 6 well under way, our website and social media outlets will be crammed full of glorious photos of our new cases. The dimensions of the cases, the real wood panels and the details in the engraving and printing processes are being perfected to fractions of a millimetre in accuracy.
Of all the generations of iPhone released, not only is this generation the largest but this generation of iPhone is most in need of the protection our Lennox cases provide.
Below are just a few of the reasons why this point is valid and true:

  1. With a screen even more resistant to cracking, they will last longer meaning scratch protection is a must. With a safety lip on our Lennox cases, you can ensure that leaving your iPhone 6 face down won't result in premature scratching of your screen

  2. With a longer, larger body, a drop accident is a more real possibility. Whilst we can't guarantee that our cases will survive a hefty drop, this is purely because the wood we use and it's larger surface area attachment to the polycarbonate absorb the force and leave your $900+ smart phone to live another day

  3. The iPhone 6 Plus is already well known to being prone to bending of the chassis however, there are many, many reports surfacing of the same issue occurring with the iPhone 6 bending under even light pressure. A solid real wood back panel on the Lennox cases prevents any such issue from occurring. While the iPhone 6 is the thinnest iPhone yet, the Lennox adds marginally to the overall thickness - enough to stop this design flaw from ruining your iPhone 6.

  4. For the first time EVER, the iPhone 6 has a camera lens that is raised relative to the rest of the rear of the phone. The thickness added by the rubberised polycarbonate and real wood back panel provide some of the best camera lens protection you will find. An added bonus, not only is our camera hole enlarged to minimize interference with the flash, but the flash itself is recessed relative to the camera lens meaning washout issues are even less of an issue

It might seem like a bit of a read, but if you are real about protecting your iPhone 6 and want to stand out from the crowd in all the right ways...the Lennox for the iPhone 6 brought to you by MOD-CASE is an investment that should be at the top of your list. Besides, they look 100 times better than the piece of rubber Apple want to charge you the same price for.


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