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Want to see photos of the iPhone 6?

Having contacts with suppliers internationally, who are always eager to be the first in with technology to help build cases for new model phones, we have managed to get hold of a couple of photos that are allegedly of the new iPhone 6!
We cannot 100% confirm the authenticity of this claim, however have it be known that the people who we received the photos from had enough faith in the fact that this is accurate and genuine that they have begun to product screen protectors and cases for the iPhone 6.

Seeing similar photos online leads me to believe that this could in fact be genuine and confirms the speculated design, however one minor detail that throws me off is that the flash does not appear to have the "dual flash" that the iPhone 5S is equipped have Apple developed a flash that gives a more natural appearance without needed 2 individual flash bulbs, or is this photo inaccurate?
Regardless of that minor detail, it seems that the dimensions of the phone including the screen could very well be true, enough so to throw manufacturers into a frenzy to try and beat the competition.


Any thoughts on the matter? Feel free to comment below!


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