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PktFuel | MOD-CASE collaboration

We are stoked to be collaborating with the amazing crew over at PktFuel to bring to you a very VERY limited edition set of cases exclusively for the iPhone 5/5s.
Available in either a Rosewood or Bamboo composite with our classic rubberised black polycarbonate inner shell, each style of wood comes with not only a unique grain to every single case but a simple and powerful messages, a message that does not get old or lose value no matter how many times you read it.

The Rosewood and Black polycarbonate case is laser engraved with "Hope anchors the soul" along with a fitting and extremely detailed engraving of an anchor.
The Bamboo and Black polycarbonate case is laser engraved with "Don't be afraid. Just have faith" in a powerful italicised font.

Pre-orders are open now and production is already underway and expected to be completed within the next month. That means if you pre-order now at the discounted price, you can have your new PktFuel MOD-CASE soon and still save! Don't forget, all orders come with free international shipping, no minimum order required!

So get on board, be empowered and as always, protect your case with sophistication and style.


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