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Snow storms and Rosewood. Ying and Yang

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I am in New York City for a few months, studying at Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Whilst I love this city and the people in it...the weather this week is not looking promising.

With wind-chill factor creating temperatures of -19(F) which is equivalent to -28 celcius predicted for tonight, along with 8-10 inches of snow on it's way (in fact it's already starting outside), it's always good to trick the mind into thinking warm thoughts. Sitting inside with the heater on, a blanket and an over-sized hot chocolate are all great ways to keep warm but adding a warm vibe to your environment is always a must.

Our Rosewood range of cases have been the most popular in our Lennox collection and with the intense and rich colour emanating from the gloss-finished real Rosewood panel it's no surprise that people love them.
A harmonic interaction between raw nature and pure technology, wrapping your Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S in a Rosewood Lennox is the Ying to your phone's Yang.
Adding some warmth to your environment and complimenting your phone with one of our Lennox cases is never going to be a bad idea.

With free international shipping and discounted rates on our textured vinyl skins with all iPhone case purchases, there is no need to hesitate.
Order now.

Yours truly, sincerely and sincerely cold,


       Warmth and style, essential on the East Coast during this cold snap.

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