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Extending the life of your Mod-Case

care fix how to mod-case wooden phone case

Extending the life of your Mod-Case Our primary aim is to provide our customers with a product that not only does its job well, but can keep doing it for as long as possible. While quality control is a top priority; product care can go a long way to improve the life of your Mod-Case. With these 3 simple steps, you can ensure that your Mod-Case delivers stylish protection for as long as possible! Keep it dry! The thing about wood, including bamboo, is that it is absorptive - this is in fact the mainstay of why we have cases...

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1,2,3,4,5....6 is almost here

Here is the short of it all: We have perfected our iPhone 6 cases. We are proud, in fact we are blown away at how good they look on! Individual hand finishing and quality checking is under way and cases will be online and available for order, and shipping within the next week. Read below for more!Since MOD-CASE was born, a precious little gem of a start-up, Apple have been leading the game that is the smart phone market. Haters will claim they are behind their time, playing catch-up with many of the Android based devices...despite this, the peoples they...

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Longer Days and Larger Phones

iPhone 6

All the information you need to made an informed decision about buying a MOD-CASE for the iPhone 6. Adding style plus protection from daily use as well as design flaws with the iPhone 6 Kelly from the piezloves fashion blog during a summertime photoshoot for MOD-CASE If you are lucky enough to live in Australia, in fact in a select few states within the country, then not only have you just wrapped up a brilliantly warm and sunny long weekend, but you can now enjoy those days for a bit longer. Daylight savings has kicked in and the...

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Want to see photos of the iPhone 6?

Having contacts with suppliers internationally, who are always eager to be the first in with technology to help build cases for new model phones, we have managed to get hold of a couple of photos that are allegedly of the new iPhone 6!We cannot 100% confirm the authenticity of this claim, however have it be known that the people who we received the photos from had enough faith in the fact that this is accurate and genuine that they have begun to product screen protectors and cases for the iPhone 6. Seeing similar photos online leads me to believe that...

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PktFuel | MOD-CASE collaboration

We are stoked to be collaborating with the amazing crew over at PktFuel to bring to you a very VERY limited edition set of cases exclusively for the iPhone 5/5s. Available in either a Rosewood or Bamboo composite with our classic rubberised black polycarbonate inner shell, each style of wood comes with not only a unique grain to every single case but a simple and powerful messages, a message that does not get old or lose value no matter how many times you read it. The Rosewood and Black polycarbonate case is laser engraved with "Hope anchors the soul" along...

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